17 4 / 2014

Walking around Wuyi University’s campus, I took some mobile photos to give you an idea of what it’s like.

15 3 / 2014

Making purchases in China

When you pay for something with a bigger bill, like a purchase of 15.20, that you pay for with a 20 bill—the vendor will ask you if you have the .20 so that they will only have to give you a five and not feel around for change.  They don’t even have to ask me now.  I normally put the change down on the table for them to take, if they want.

If you are missing 1 RMB or less—even if the whole purchase is 2 RMB—they will just forego the 1 RMB—even if you have the money, but it’s in the form of a 10 or some bigger bill.

They just really do not like dealing with change, here.  Also, I think it’s just courtesy to not care too much about money—also, just being nice.  It is also very common for Chinese to absolutely insist on paying for your meal when you eat with them.  Seriously, they are adamant.

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18 2 / 2014

A bag of peanuts.

A bag of peanuts.